Why Us

About Renewable

Renewable Energy Australia has been established to offer the industry leading superior industrial, commercial and residential renewable energy solutions with the aim of reducing energy costs for all consumers and having a positive impact on carbon emissions. 

Our mission is to provide the market with a turnkey solution focusing on all facets of your energy consumption including lighting, solar and battery storage. While saving energy is our key focus, creating green energy with PV solar products is our priority to provide you a sustainable energy solution. The combination of our mission is to deliver to our customers market leading solutions that reduce your electricity consumption with retailers, saving you money as well as reducing your environmental foot-print.   

Renewable Energy Australia only utilise the latest technologies to maximise the energy savings for your installation. Teaming up with key brands such as SunPower for high efficiency panels, SolarEdge for high quality inverters, Tesla for battery storage and D2 LED for industry leading lighting efficient products. Renewable Energy Australia is your one stop shop for reducing your energy consumption and saving you considerable money on your power bills with a realistic return on investment packages.

Why us